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Artists' Life (Series)
Premiers on Amazon Prime Spring 2019

This series focusses on the amazing work being done by artists in the visual  and Performing Arts.

Episode 1:

Matthew Pailes, Wet Plate Collodian Photography

Look at the beauty of a 150 year old photography being recreated by a modern photographer.   The imperfections are the beauty.  Old is new.

In Development

Unnamed Chekhov Project
Coming Summer 2019

Anton Chekhov was one of the fathers of modern realism, and crucial in the development of what we know as theatre and dramatic acting.  However, he was also a very funny man. This project is based on one of his short comedies, and will premier mid 2019

Unnamed Edgar Allen Poe Project
Coming Fall 2020

A modern take on a work from America's master of suspense and horror.  A retelling in a modern style.

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